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By the Artist
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Books & Catalogs

Lance Esplund, Salvatore Federico Paintings 1967 2017,
New York, NY: The Grenfell Press, 2018

Lance Esplund, Salvatore Federico Paintings 1998 2008,
New York, NY: The Grenfell Press, 2008

Annie Finch, Johanna Keller, & Candace McClelland, Carolyn Kizer – Perspectives On Her Life and Work, Fort Lee, New Jersey: CavanKerry Press Ltd., 2001. Brief commentary by the poet Carolyn Kizer about the cover of her book Harping On, which shows the painting by Salvatore Federico that she commissioned.

Tim Lefens, Flying Colors, Boston: Beacon Press, 2002. A recollection by Lefens of Salvatore Federico as a teacher.

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